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What is the meaning of the color red?

First of all, thank you for visiting our website. If you’re on this site it’s because you certainly want to know why people who like this color are special. You know familiar expressions like: I love passion red, fire red, action red, emotion red, definitely: I love red! yes? Then read on.

Does loving the red color make us better??

Psychology explains that red is associated with stimulation, strength, virility, revolution, passion and danger. According to experts in the field of psychology this has to do with the fact that red is the color of the blood that our primitive brain associates with vitality, aggressiveness and extreme sensations. According to psychology, wearing red makes us leave our comfort zone and behave in a more assertive, direct and extroverted way. That’s why people who wear red in their lives are considered by others as triumphant.

The personality of red is related to individuals who seek reality and sincerity above all, are direct people, realistic, fearless and quite meticulous. «What you see is what there is». They tend to externalize everything they feel and all the plans they want to make. They don’t trust what they can’t see and they don’t usually believe in what can’t be proven for sure.

But there is more!

When it comes to intense personalities, it is also worth noting that another characteristic of their intense personalities is activity, they do not expect or are passive, and of course their optimism radiates. They are usually strong characters, with a clear inclination towards competitiveness at work, with a certain touch of impulsivity and the need for control.

People who like color like speed, dynamism, like to change and are not afraid of change. There is a branch of modern science called «color psychology», it has found through studies that red can have a great effect on our mood, our way of perceiving the world and our actions.

Definitely, wearing red has an effect on our physiology, on hormonal balance and can alter performance in a football match or a boxing match! In other words, the team or the boxer wearing red greatly increases their chances of winning.

This study also gives the following statement

Red clothes could help to have better performances in a job interview or… on a date! Some fashion experts suggest that red ties project authority and dominance in the workplace.

Regarding sex

It has been determined that people who wear red are, in the eyes of others, more attractive. The explanation that has been found is that a slightly redder skin than usual, thanks to a good circulation or indicative that sport has been done recently, seems to suggest health and good skills for sex.

So… what are you waiting for to wear red in your life?!

Red is the color of joy, happiness, extraversion, attraction, dynamic life and desire. That’s why we usually say –I love red!– And we bring you a selection of loving red products that will completely change your life! Go for it!

We offer you the red products THAT BEST suit your style

As a result, we’ve selected the most intense and elegant tones so you don’t waste time searching. Our products always have the best qualifications and the best experiences of the buyers. Red is not a fashion, it is a lifestyle and you can shine like this attractive color. What you will find in this page is a private selection of red products that you will be able to acquire with a single click and without registers in the biggest store of the planet: Amazon.

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