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Why do celebrities often wear red?

Have you noticed too? The color red is a reference in any party or event where celebrities come. Why? Well, the color red is associated with success and people who are famous and successful love success, consequently many are lovers of the color red. This is nothing new. It is not only used for the colour of the fastest and most aggressive sports cars, it is not. It is also a symbol of victory and as psychology says it has a deep meaning in our psyche.

Bella Hadid

The theory of blood and the color red-victory.

There is the theory that wearing red awakens in us the admiration we felt when the head of the clan came stained with blood with a hunting piece in his arms. Those primary instincts subconsciously surface in our way of perceiving the person who wears the color red.

Red globules

It is also possible that to see the enemy’s blood on the victor’s clothing makes the villagers feel admiration and alivo knowing that they would be able to continue living peacefully without the threat of this enemy.

In any case there is something very deep asleep inside of us that wakes up when we see someone wearing red. It is possible that many people find meaning in the phrase «you have to be daring or brave to wear red», perhaps it is the other way around, «if you wear red it is because you are not afraid to win» and perhaps it is also a subliminal warning for your enemies «Beware, I come to annihilate others like you«. Who knows…

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